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PeakHR is a cohort-based training program for the next generation of progressive HR practitioners, elevating the role by empowering the leaders of tomorrow, and educating the broader industry.


Featuring modern, practical courses from a diverse group of the industry’s leading voices, our programming is intentionally inclusive and radically authentic, creating a new opportunity for practical career education.


People you want to know

Connect with a diverse slate of experts and industry leaders who want you to succeed.


Belonging you can feel

Unlock education driven by a desire to open doors for all progressive HR practitioners.


Experiences you control

Learn at your own pace, on your schedule - join sessions live or watch on demand. 

The PEAK Experience

More than a certificate. This is not a test.

We built this program because we wanted to replicate the experience of finding your people in HR - the friends you go to for advice, the leaders who will give you the inside scoop, and the innovators who inspire you to stir up some new energy. We know that the best learning often happens on the job, when you can ask direct questions and get no-bullshit answers, and when you can watch and get inspired by people who are Doing The Thing.

We've invited the get-in-good-troublemakers, the burn-it-down-and-rebuilders, and the friends who inspired us to drag our own folding chairs to the damn executive table and refuse to give up our seats.

Not everyone has access to these kinds of change-makers throughout their career. But at PeakHR, you do. Our carefully curated expert speakers are here because they want to help you succeed.


It's not just webinars anymore

We've done away with one-sided presentations, perfectly-polished discussions, and interviews with 5 minutes of Q&A at the end. 

You know HR can get messy, and our speakers are here to dish the real dirt.

Get ready for Fireside Chats that capture the feeling of close, personal conversations (because they are). Ask-Me-Anything sessions where you are invited to stump the guest (because they want to be challenged). Workshops that help you solve problems right. freaking. now.

F-bombs and off-the-record HR stories. Forging new bonds and laughing 'till you cry. No secret codes or gatekeeping, but possibly some "you had to be there" moments.


There's no one way to do HR

People come to HR careers from so many places - it's less common to actually study and pursue HR through formal education than it is to just sort of...fall into it. We want to help you consciously choose your next step by giving you the confidence to lace up your boots and start walking.

And that starts with inclusive scheduling. All of our courses are offered live and on-demand, so that you can participate at your own pace. While live courses offer the opportunity for spontaneity and active engagement, we'll make every effort to ensure you get just as much out of the session if you're catching up on your lunch break, while you're on the treadmill, or after your kids are in bed.

Our content covers topics from HR Tech to Non-Traditional Career Paths to Productizing PeopleOps to What HR Can Learn From Sales, in a variety of formats. With over 30 sessions over the course of 8 weeks (plus community connection opportunities like Mastermind groups and Office Hours), you'll have a rich program of options and can choose to prioritize the material that is most meaningful to you.


Applications for the Spring 2024 Cohort are currently closed. Stay tuned for information about our Summer 2024 offering by subscribing to our newsletter!

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Proud to partner with some of the best in the biz.
Together, we help HR reach its peak potential.

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