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Mountain and River

Our Basecamp program is perfect for those who are early in their HR journeys, whether you’re new to the workforce or just curious about switching careers. Don’t know where to start? Start here.



Cloudy Mountain

Our Scaling HR program is designed for experienced HR pros who want to have a bigger business impact by scaling their HR experience and influence outside of their domain. Reach new heights!


Ashley Chubrik

"There are so many takeaways and so much value in every session. The speakers are super generous and thoughtful in answering questions and sharing advice. I can't believe how much practical knowledge I've already gained that I can apply right away!"

Cassidy Edwards

"We finished out another week in the PeakHR cohort and to say this program is changing lives, is an understatement. It's not just what we learn in these weekly sessions, it's the foundation of curiosity + creativity + community that's being nurtured."

Lindsey Orred

"I have felt so hungry to be with a group like this - a group who wants to push our field forward. I have been lonely, even in workplaces with large HR teams, because colleagues see change, innovation, and/or experimentation as threatening. I feel giddy at having all these new friends who 'get it.'"

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