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PeakHR is a cohort-based educational program, featuring modern, practical courses from a diverse group of the industry’s leading voices. Our programming is intentionally inclusive, and radically authentic, creating a new opportunity for practical career education. 


When you join the PeakHR crew, you get unparalleled access to experts in a supportive community environment. We pride ourselves on providing not only the type of quality learning you need to elevate your career, but the space to build authentic connections. 


Founded by trusted practitioners with a combined 45+ years of experience, PeakHR is the first female-founded program of its kind. We have spent our careers building innovative, industry-leading HR programming at tech companies and beyond, and now it’s time for us to give back and lift up the next generation of HR Leaders. 


From People and Culture to HR and Recruiting and more, we have the personal experience and industry connections to bring you the kind of no-bullshit, kickass programming you’ll actually use. 


Now that’s “peak” HR. 😉


We’re on the precipice of a new era for HR Leaders everywhere. 

Let’s reach new heights together.


With a collective 45+ years of experience as HR practitioners, leaders, and builders, we are a mighty team of diverse women. We hail from various backgrounds, work from different time zones, and juggle multiple responsibilities outside of work. Yet, we share common values, a vision we believe in, and an unwavering determination to deliver on our mission.

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Practical Learning

We focus on content that has clear takeaways and actionable advice, so our students can apply their learnings immediately.


 Equitable by Design

We center DEIB in our decision-making, from accessibility to content, from staffing to students.


Authentic Connection

We believe in the power of community, and find ways to build real relationships between each other and our members.


Keep it Real

We tell it like it is, preferring plain English to platitudes, because HR people don’t have time for BS.



PEAK HR is training the next generation of progressive HR practitioners, elevating the role by empowering the leaders and educating the broader industry.


We’re at the edge of something exciting - a world where the next generation of HR leaders has the resources, training, community, and education they need to elevate their careers and create a new world of work.

Sunrise over Mountains


Aligned with our Values, and in service to our Mission and Vision, these codified principles and helpful reminders keep us honest so that we can build the company we want to be.

How do our values show up for us every day at PeakHR?

Practical Learning: We acknowledge and celebrate that we are learning as we go. We laugh at our mistakes, support each other in filling skill gaps, and seek outside support when we don't have what we need.

Equitable by Design: We share equal ownership in the business, and intentionally leverage and value our individual strengths and skills. We treat each other with fairness, and appreciate the myriad ways our diverse backgrounds have prepared us for this work.

Authentic Connection: We don't believe in investing in relationships that aren't aligned with our purpose. We lean on the strength of our networks and show up honestly for each other and our communities.

Keep it Real: We seek success and balance in all areas of our lives, but we know we're whole humans with messy lives. We are better able to help ourselves and our company by being candid about our needs, excitement, fears, and desires - and receiving each other without judgment. 


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