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Mountain Peak


Ready to grow your career and create impact beyond your domain?

Reach new heights.


  1. climbing up or over something high and steep

  2. grow or expand in a proportional, usually profitable way


📅 Customize your schedule, choosing the sessions that are right for you.

⏱ Attend live to maximize interaction, or watch videos on your own time to maximize flexibility.

💬 Hit up office hours, mastermind groups, and chats, or step away between sessions.

🎓 Learn the kind of real-world shit they don't teach you in school.



The map is in your hands.

Where do you want to go?

Title: 8 weekly themes. The image depicts a map representing the cohort journey through 8 themes: Operational Excellence, Building HR, Business Acumen, Marketing and Communications, Goals and Data, Recruiting and Sales, People and Robots and, finally, culture and leadership.



We're covering all kinds of topics from technology to storytelling, so that we can bring you lightbulb moments, off-the-record conversations, and wildly creative journeys from sessions like:


It's important to us that this course is meaningful for our participants and that we're creating

an inclusive community of curious and progressive HR practitioners.

Here's what you can expect during the application process. 

Complete your application

Applications will open late Summer 2024

Deposit Due After Acceptance

Full payment ($2000) is due before Cohort begins

The Next Cohort begins Fall 2024

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Who is this program for?

Our Scaling HR Cohort is designed for people who have some HR experience and are looking to elevate their existing knowledge and skills. If you are interested in pursuing a career in HR, or have just begun this journey, check out our Basecamp program!

When should I apply?

Applications will open late Summer 2024! We will be reviewing all applications within 5 business days of submission.

How much does the program cost?

The total cost for the program is $2,000 USD.

This is broken down into a $500 deposit (due upon acceptance, to hold your spot in the program), and a $1,500 balance (due one month before the start date).

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Payment plans are available via Klarna and Afterpay.

What if I can't afford it?

A limited number of scholarships are available to students who are otherwise unable to attend. To learn more and apply, please visit our Scholarships page.

When do I find out if I got in?

We will notify all applicants of their status within 5 business days of submission.

Do you pay your speakers?

Yes! We are proud to offer all of our speakers an honorarium of $500, which they can either keep or contribute to our charitable donation fund.

What’s up with the charitable donation?

Some of our speakers expressed interest in donating their honorariums. We are excited to include this in our programming and will have cohort participants select the charity or cause to receive funds.

Are all sessions recorded?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and available for participants through a private video library throughout the course, and for 30 days afterwards.

What is the benefit of attending live?

Attending live gives you the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions with some of the industry's top leaders. This kind of access and engagement is not typically available in webinar or podcast-style learning environments, and can be a hugely beneficial addition to the content itself.

You'll also be able to participate in live chat with fellow attendees, and of course, be there for those "you had to be there" moments when they happen ;)


Applications are currently closed. Stay tuned for information about upcoming offerings by subscribing to our newsletter!

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