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One of our primary goals with PeakHR is increasing equitable access to learning.


We know that many training programs are out of reach for HR folks, through no fault of their own, but that doesn't mean they're any less deserving of opportunities to learn and grow. In fact, it's often the underfunded who can benefit most from practical, focused curriculum.

Whether your company has limited Learning & Development budgets or you're currently unemployed, we want to do all we can to reduce the financial barrier to participating in our program.

How to Apply

We are proud to offer scholarships to a limited number of participants from each cohort, based on availability of funds.

Students must apply for scholarships using our Scholarship Application Form


We may offer full or partial scholarships, in order to support as many students as possible. Determinations will be made based on eligibility and need.

How to Sponsor

Our Scholarship program is funded by a combination of Sponsorships, Partnerships, and Private Donations. If you are interested in becoming a PeakHR Partner or Sponsor, please reach out to

A full scholarship for one student is $2,000, but donations in any amount are gladly accepted.

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